Alice in America

Dear America, GO ON A ROAD TRIP! An undeniable piece of Americana. It’s an incredibly beneficial to both mind and body. A variety of unkowns, the essence of adventure, await the brash traveler who decides to break free from a routine to become witness to the glory of this mother/fatherland. After being dragged through the rigours of  getting lost, finding yourself in intolerable conditions, and dealing with unfriendly (or, perhaps, too friendly) characters along the way, you could wind up being a much cooler person than you were before beginning the trip.

I am personally planning for a trip of my own. Midway through April, I will be folding up the kick stand of a touring bicycle and pedaling roughly 3,600 miles of asphalt. This is something I have been waiting to do since approximately August, when I started having fantasies of taking a wrong turn on my way to work, down a road I didn’t recognize, and continuing to travel without a particular destination. After a year of working in a relatively stuffy environment not particularly supportive of my breed of man, I quit my job a few weeks ago and have since lived day to day as I see fit. I regularly entertain my desires around a loosely built schedule of goals and appointments. But, for the most part, I am training for trip of a lifetime.

I am sure there will be a variety of uknown obstacles for which I will encounter. There will be times when I get lost or tired and perhaps even injured. There may be times when I become inconsolably lonely and cry like I’ve been stood up at my own prom. But, this will be the desireable essence of the Great Undertaking, this wonder of what  I cannot control and do not know.

Stay tuned for my supplementary blog to this adventure, staring in April.

Bicycle Across America

My bicycle of choice?


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