A Badass Educational Institution

It is sometimes my personal wish that I could implement a nationwide program to socialize all citizens of a certain age for a small duration of time. As is often the seed of tyrannical rule, my desire with such a goal would be to imbue the US population with an education that the schooling system does not provide. While current mandatory schooling aims to teach people how to think effectively, my fantasy institution would seek to give them other tools which the other doesn’t stress. Such imparted tools would fall in the realm of mind, body, and soul.

The inspiration for such a school has come from my general impression that people are lacking in a great deal of knowledge, understanding, and power to operate closer to their potential. In other words, I feel most people are severely under-equipped to handle their way society.

For illustrative purposes, imagine a country full of nothing but citizens possessed with an unquenchable desire to become the best people they can be, ready to take advantage of all opportunities that come their way and the knowledge to do so. Overall economic output and efficiency would rise. Government costs on welfare for the homeless, poor and sick would decrease as people would be making wiser financial and health decisions. However, stress may rise as well as amorality in dealings with others for the sake of personal gain. This may be counteracted if people in general were more ready to deal with stress and more empathetic towards their fellow man. Such an understanding could be approached in my fantasy school!

In one year, I feel I could endow American citizens with a common, mandatory and practical education.

Classes would consist of a variety of sorely overlooked topics such as finance, horticulture, martial arts, spiritual well being, field medicine, and automotive repair. These classes are important, as many people are, for instance, unaware of how to financially navigate themselves through life or how to take basic care of an automobile. While not in class, there would be no television or access to mindless websites, simply literature and constructive endeavors, such as music and physical activities. During meal times, people would be educated on the importance of eating healthily. Responsibilities would be shared by all so as to maintain a sense of common worth and empathy.

At the end, these people will have change from flabby maggots of mind and body into exemplary human beings with the confidence and energy to actually go out and make something of themselves and their environment besides sitting on the frigg’n couch all day.

There would be no way to opt out, no private institutions existent in order to avoid this. It will never be tried though, unfortunately. However, at its most hopeful, it could have the potential to create a more capable, healthy, and productive population more capable of identifying with each other because of such an intense share experience.


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