An Ode to American Gods of Yore

As time goes on and families descend, it seems that the character of our ancestors is gradually diluted with every successive generation. It’s as if some great power is continually being weakened with each scattering of spawn that humanity produces. One need only look at our grandmothers and grandfathers to see the remnants of the powerful creatures that preceded us and their vanishing way of life.

Ignorance aside, our ancestors were greater than we. As the lifeblood of America, they possessed characteristics that made this country great and strong. Such traits included strong social skills, discipline, responsibility, honor, integrity and a hunger for success, things which are withdrawing from the forefront of society. But, of course, this is understandable …

The environment had been ripe for the propagation of such a divine people. The nature of the times and the goals of people drew the best out of them. And even if that best were misguided and negative, it was better than the likes of today’s society could produce. Tough economic, political, and social obstacles plagued our nation but we were guided through by heroic figures in government and on the streets. The world was much crueler then. Evil people were more potent because of a lack of government oversight and enforcement while the threat of destitution was much greater because of a lack of social supports. The world was a rough play-pen to be in.

But, as is generally understood, tough times produce tough people. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not any more or less deluded than the rest of my generation about the horrific prejudices and great violence that was present back then. There were most definitely bad, evil, terrible people who were much worse than any we could hope to produce today. However, heroes of equal proportion were produced, in both the movies and in real life, who were giants in terms of todays brand. Their idols were truly magnificent beings of integrity as pure as nature itself and an indomitable will. Today, the stars of the screen are weak and senseless, reflective of the direction of common era youth.

In the end, it is overall strength that is lacking as America shoulders on. What can one expect of people when there is no longer a need for the strong-willed gods of our past? It’s very cushy in today’s world and we have enough time to linger and stare at our hands and feet. But, perhaps, this is best for the world. With a population that’s degenerating and becoming duller, perhaps we’ll finally find ourselves in a state of world peace because of a lack of strength and effort to do much of anything.


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